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Pig-tailed macaque leaves 12 years of life as a pet behind

This handsome Northern pig-tailed macaque named Sii (colour) has instantly made a name for himself as the largest male at LWRC.

Sii had been kept as a pet for over 12 years by a family who loved him dearly but now realised both them and Sii needed help to resolve the situation they found themselves in. Macaques are widely (illegally) kept as pets all through South East Asia. Their ‘cute’ looks as babies are often what makes people believe this is a good idea, however as babies grow up they often become difficult or agressive as it is not in their nature to be kept inside a house or locked away in small cages. 

Sii’s family first reached out to LWRC at the beginning of 2016, but before an official rescue could be set up the contact was lost. We were relieved when we received a phonecall not too long ago, and although unfortunately LWRC is dealing with low fundings for rescues at the moment, we knew Sii and his owners needed the help we promised them earlier that year urgently.

Sii is blind in one eye and has multiple dental surgeries ahead of him as many of his teeth are rotten or broken, but the gentle giant that he is we believe he has good chances to find himself in one of our primate fields soon enough.

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