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Monkey Madness, as 17 Macaques get a New Home

Here at WFFT we continuously strive to create wonderful habitats for our rescued inhabitants. This week the construction of a new open top macaque field was completed allowing us to start to relocate some of our long-term resident macaque troops around, creating new exciting enriching environments for them. The ‘Baby Troop’ of 17 macaques composed of juveniles and adults, were moved into a brand new open top field in the midlands area of the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre. Their new home is twice the size of the field they were previously in, and as you can see from the the images, they love it.


Please see below a selection of rescue stories of some of the macaques –
Rescue Story ‘Jack’ –
Rescue Story ‘Hin’ –
Rescue Story – ‘Pokemon’ –
Rescue Story – ‘Tee Daa’ –
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