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Monkey Forest School with Mongkood the Macaque

Do you remember little Mongkood..? The infant Northern pig-tailed macaque who arrived at WFFT in March of this year. He is now approximately 16 months old, and in the very near future he will again meet his own species after a period of hand rearing by the WFFT Vet Team. We hope to introduce him to large field with a group of juvenile macaques and their surrogate mothers, Bandit, Mocha and Ta Phet.

Mongkood is given daily tree climbing lessons supervised by our vet team, he mastering the art of climbing trees very well. He jumps around like a gymnast, he is also learning to forage for his own foods, eating young leaves, fruits and insects.

We will be sure to update you when he joins his new family.

See his rescue story here

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