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Bandit’s Troop is on the Move

Five very special long-term residents get a new home. Rescued macaques Mocha, Ta Phet, Bandit, Jimmy and Jupiter, have all just moved into a newly refurbished habitat. These orphans all have their own remarkable stories as to why they were rescued, although Bandit is probably the most well known macaque with our supporters and volunteers, she has bene with us since 2005 after being abandoned by her mother, she has no legs and only one arm, on which she only has two fingers. Prior to the move they were two groups, ‘Bandits Crew’ composed of Bandit / Mocha / Ta Phet, the other group was Jimmy and Jupiter. As all these macaques are around a similar age and size we decided to test the compatibility as a new troop. We are pleased to say that after 3 days together they are all getting along well. Take a look at them meeting each other for the first time and exploring their new spacious home. 

Bandit rescue story –
Jupiter rescue story –

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