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Anna’s Story

Anna was a baby macaque who came to the rescue center on 29th June 2005 in a very poor state of health. Unfortunately, Anna was severely malnourished and this caused her head and hands to appear too large for her thin body. Anna began her life with owners in Bangkok, who realised they were unable to look after a wild animal.

The owners gave Anna up to the Home of the Handicapped Animals Foundation in Bangkok. However, the foundation was unable to look after the macaque and so Anna made the journey down to the Wildlife Rescue Centre here in Petchburi which was to become her final home. Anna had her own enclosure and some very curious baby gibbons as her new neighbours.

She appeared to make some progress and could often be seen eating her fruit from the warmth of her blanket. Despite everyone at the center’s best efforts, Anna sadly died on the 20th July 2005 aged only 4 months old.

Anna, you were (again) a victim of the illegal wildlife trade, human greed at its worst.

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