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Meet Ging-go the Leopard Cat

Meet Ging-go the 1-year-old male leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis). He has ben kept as a pet for the last year, his owner was unable to keep him and take him to her new home so has asked us to help him. He was initially given to her as a surplus…

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Two Otters and a Civet Arrive at WFFT

A few days ago more unwanted pet wild animals arrived at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre, one male and one female Asian small-clawed otters (Aonyx cinereus) and a male common palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). These animals had been purchased by the owner two years’ prior, the owner had decided that…

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Bowie the Baby Bear

Meet ‘Bowie’ the recently rescued Malayan sun bear (Helarctos malayanus). We received a call from a concerned local who had obtained Bowie from a hunter. They called WFFT to help, when the rescue team arrived at the house where she was being held they were shocked to see her squashed…

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A rare flying fox arrives at WFFT

This morning a Lyle's flying fox (Pteropus lylei) was brought into the WFFT Wildlife Hospital for medical treatment after being found unable to fly in a forested area in the city of Ayutthaya. Following a medical examination of 'Batty', as he has been named, we found that he has a…

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East-Asian Porcupine rescue

This Monday morning our week started with a busy day in our wildlife hospital. A malayan porcupine that was kept at a temple in Prachuapkhirikhan province was brought in with a bleeding nose and our veterinary team quickly started with a diagnose and treatment. The porcupine has a huge swelling…

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Treatment of bears at temples

Mobile wildlife clinic goes out saving bears! WFFT's mobile wildlife clinic not only goes out and rescue wildlife in need of help to be treated at the WFFT hospital, but we also go out to check out and treat wild animals kept at temples, private homes and other locations. We…

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Small Indian civet rescue

Weak and feisty civet baby! A tiny "small Indian civet" was brought in by villagers today. The little guy was kept as a pet for a few weeks until it got extremely sick and the owners decided to take it to the WFFT wildlife hospital. On arrival the little guy…

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another Jackal rescue from Bangkok

Jackals are no pets... Jackals look like dogs to some people. But when they are very young they actually do. For this reason some people do not realise that they actually have a wild and protected animal in their possession until it gets older and turns kind of wild. This…

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