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CITES COP hosted in Bangkok

CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) is holding its (COP) Conference of the Parties in Bangkok, Thailand this year. This COP is held every three years somewhere around the world by one of the 178 parties, the last one being held in 2010 in Doha, Qatar.

WFFT (Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand) / WFI (Wildlife Friends International) are proud to have a delegation of observers present at the two-week meeting. The delegation compiles two members, Dr Geert Drieman, president of WFI and Edwin Wiek, WFFT founder and secretary-general.

Our delegation will update you regularly on issues we feel important such as the ivory trade, tiger breeding, the polar bear proposals and shark conservation.

Hereunder you find a comprehensive list by Aljazeera on the main issues and a bit of history on CITES

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