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WARN-ASIA (Wild Animal Rescue Network) meeting 2012

The next meeting of WARN is coming up in November 2012 in Taipei – Taiwan

On the 22nd November 2011, during the 3rd International Conference On Wildlife Rescue In East And South East Asia, all participants agreed to register the Wild Animal Rescue Network (WARN) as a legal body based in Thailand.

The purpose of WARN is to enhance the capabilities of East and South East Asian wildlife rescue centres to rescue and conserve wildlife, provide conservation awareness education for the public and advocate minimum standards for wildlife rescue centres. WARN has several objectives, the pursuit of which will help to accomplish its purpose. These objectives are:
To rescue rehabilitate and release wildlife
To conduct, encourage and assist public education programmes to highlight wildlife conservation issues
To conduct relevant research that will assist in the rescue, rehabilitation and release process and hence contribute to the collective knowledge for the species
To care for and provide good quality of life for rescued animals held in our centres
To promote camaraderie and cooperation amongst wildlife rescue centres
To provide a forum in which members can exchange information, share expertise and coordinate activities of common interests
To support in situ wildlife conservation and research programmes and promote their integration with ex situ programmes in WARN Institutions
Advocacy and support for implementing effective national and international wildlife conservation laws and policies
There is an Interim Board of four members and there are sixteen Ordinary Institutional Members in WARN.

Ordinary Members

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) – Thailand
Animals Asia Foundation – Hong Kong/ China
KFBG – Hong Kong
Pingtung Wildlife Rescue Center (PTRC) – Taiwan
Free the Bears (FTB) – Cambodia/Laos
Wildlife at Risk (WAR) – Vietnam
Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Centre (DTEPSC) – Vietnam
Endangered Primate Rescue Center (EPRC) – Vietnam
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) – China
MBCRC Cetacean Rescue Center – Taiwan
Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity (ACCB) – Cambodia
International Animal Rescue (IAR) Indonesia – Indonesia
Center for Orangutan Protection (COP) – Indonesia
Wildcare Society Asia – Malaysia

Interim Board
Kurtis Pei – Taiwan (PTRC)
Edwin Wiek – Thailand (WFFT)
Matt Hunt – Cambodia (FTB)
Arfiana K – Indonesia (COP)

The next annual general meeting of WARN will be held in Taipe Zoo, Taipe, Taiwan on November 23rd-27th , 2012 at which further institutions sharing the goals and objectives of WARN will be invited to join this new organisation.

Please confirm your availability to attend the conference at your earliest convenience. We would be grateful if you could also let us know if you are unable to make this conference.

Kind Regards,
Conference Committee
WARN Conference 2012
P: +62 812 2955 9512

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