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Time for some action for Ruamrudee International School

As we always say, education is the key!
Here at WFFT it is important for us to teach the younger members of society about problems faced by wildlife on earth, particularly here in Thailand.
So last week we received the visit of Ruamrudee International School for 2 days at the center, but they did more than just learn about the issues the wildlife is facing. They saw some real examples and impacts that the abuses, and exploitation humans can be capable of on animals; the students decided to also to work hands-on at the center!
Seeing and participating in the work we are doing at the WFFT center allows them to understand the implication of our mission to try to solve the Thailand situation, to help, rescue, rehabilitate, conserve, release…
Thus, on day 1, they cleaned the peacock enclosure where peacocks, porcupine, Peter the baby 3 legged cow and the baby muntjac are living. All enclosures need to be clean for every animal have a healthy everyday lifestyle.
On day 2, they helped making enrichments. The previous day our WFFT Wildlife Volunteers had prepared the bases (using sharp tools, so, inappropriate for students). Enrichments are made for keeping animals stimulated, make them think and work manually with some agility to get some tasty snacks – the food supplement that they are given daily.
It was a lot of work for the Ruamrudee International School teenagers, especially on their weekend. But, they all did a great job, and being useful for a good cause, made their understanding of the world they are living on more accurate. So, we’d like to thank them, not only for their hard work but also for the generous donation that they left for the animals!

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