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Thailand’s political situation

All quiet at WFFT

You might have heard that Thailand’s military has staged a coup d’état today and have dismissed the government of their duties, taken power in to their hands. Although a coup in most Western countries is seen as a very negative incident it is in this case and this moment, in Thailand, probably the only way out to stop months of protests and killing of protesters. Over the last few months at protest sites around Bangkok (over 200kms from our center) on a daily bases protesters were shot at and bombs, grenades thrown, killing dozens, injuring hundreds, without police ever arresting any suspects. Since the military took control over Thailand a few days ago these attacks have stopped. Thai people are quite used to temporary military takeovers that have been frequent in the past.

The Thai military have arrested several suspects with loads of weaponry over the last few days, making real progress in getting Thailand safer. Again we need to stress that all trouble has been in certain areas of Bangkok only, nothing even close to our facilities.

If you are traveling in to Thailand to volunteer at our elephant sanctuary or wildlife rescue center, please be advised that transport from Bangkok airport to the center does NOT go through Bangkok city at all.

Again, Thailand is safer than ever in the twelve months.

After all trouble the animals at WFFT have faced over the last two years we now need your help more than ever.

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