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Bird and turtle rescue Bangkok

From the city to the forest!

WFFT was again called to come to the rescue of wild animals, this time in the middle of Bangkok. The owners of a collection of peafowls, hornbill, purple swamp-hens, ducks, crocodile, turtles and tortoises had build a beautiful massive enclosure for some of the animals a few years ago, but as the land was sold they had to find a place for all the animals on their premises. For WFFT the amount was quite big, so we had to move the wild animals in to three steps.

On our first visit we rescued the crocodile, that was in a small cage that could hardly be cleaned, and the Souther pied hornbill as their rescue was most urgent. On our second trip we rounded up all (12) peacocks, a real struggle for our rescue team! The last trip we rounded up all other animals…. totalling 74 animals!

For most animals we will start rehabilitation immediately after medical check up and quarantine so they can be released back tot he wild ASAP! For some like the peacocks and some tortoises we will find a decent home, as they are not local wildlife and cannot be released here.

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