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Jarvis the otter arrives at WFFT

‘Jarvis’ a female oriental small-clawed otter has been handed over to WFFT. Her owner purchased her a year ago from a captive breeder and decided to find a more suitable home. After researching various locations in Thailand they decided that WFFT would be the best place for Jarvis to socialize with her own species and receive proper care. Jarvis is the 5th otter to be rescued by WFFT in the last 12 months, is this a sign of things to come? It seems otters are become very popular as pets, WFFT apposes keeping any wild animals as pets, ‘keep wildlife in the wild’. Many of you may remember the story of Otto a few weeks ago; he is doing well and will be introduced to two of our female otters very soon. Receiving yet another otter is putting more pressure on our resources and making the need for a new otter complex even more pressing. If you want to help us create new environments for our growing otter family please use this link






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