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Enclosure for the rescued hornbills and birds of prey

Over the last months we have received many birds for treatment, a painted stork with a broken leg, a few owls with injuries and some birds that got stuck in traps for small wildlife… In all cases we are able to release these birds back to the wild after full recovery, however in May and June we received a Goffin’s cockatoo, some hornbills and a group of White bellied sea-eagles that were kept for several years as pets.

These birds can for now not be returned to the wild and we therefore needed urgently to build an enclosure for the birds so they could fly at least a bit. The enclosure measures 22 meters by 9 meters and has a height of 7 meters. For now this rather large enclosure will be their home.

We are currently looking for another facility that can take in the birds to get them ready to go back to the wild.

the interior of the new bird enclosure…


Randy the great hornbill and Cocka-one the Cockatoo in their new home.


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