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Dog Attack Macaque Rescued – Hua Hin

Last week we received numerous reports via social media of an adult male long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) that had been found lying in a busy road, underneath exposed power lines close to Hua Hin city. The WFFT Wildlife Rescue Team headed out immediately to try and save the monkey. Upon arrival to the scene it was found that the monkey had been electrocuted then attacked by a pack of feral dogs. He had sustained severe bites wounds which had ruptured the skin and muscle over many parts of his body. He was taken straight back to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital for emergency surgery.

The long-tailed macaque is listed as Least Concern (LC) by the IUCN Red list of Threatened Species, in view of its wide distribution, presumed large population, tolerance of a broad range of habitats, occurrence in a number of protected areas. Habitat loss and degradation due to human encroachment, pose the biggest threat to all macaque species. They are regularly persecuted as pests. Increasing competition between macaques and humans due the increase in need of land for agriculture and other human activities is the foremost reason that macaques are persecuted as pests. Hostile encounters with macaques are common in urban areas due to the active promotion of their presence for spiritual and entertainment purposes by provisioning food for the macaques. We (humans) both promote population growth through the provision of food and the protection habitat, and on the other hand we hinder it through the continued fragmentation of habitat, capture and exportation for research, and the pet-trade.


The WFFT Vet Team worked tirelessly for hours trying to fix up the endless amount of injuries this big guy had suffered. He has been under intensive care for the last 10 days but his future is still uncertain. Each day his wounds are being cleaned and dressed by the team, but the severity of the injuries may mean that he will not recover from this terrible ordeal. Please have this big guy in your thoughts, we hope he can make it.


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