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Chinese Serow rescue

A Chinese Serow (Capricornis Milneedwardski) was found wandering on a forest trail in Kaengkrachan National park by forest rangers. The Serow, a highly endangered and under Thai law reserved species is under normal circumstances a very shy animal and would run for cover anytime it spots humans. This animal however seemed to be injured and disorientated.

When the rangers came closer to the Serow they found several wounds on its body and both eyes heavily infected. Although the animal was very sick it still took the rangers some time to restrain the animal to take it to the ranger-station. At arrival it was found that the animal needed to get immediate surgery as both eyes were so badly infected and the animal could hardly stand on it own legs. The WFFT mobile wildlife clinic was called, a rescue team of four, one veterinarian, two vet assistants and an animal keeper rushed to the scene.

On arrival the Vet decided that the animal needed immediate surgery, as the infection was too close to the brain. The Serow was loaded on to the Mobile clinic and taken with high speed to the WFFT wildlife hospital for surgery. Surgery took over two hours and the Serow is now recovering, but will, in case it survives probably be blind for the rest of its life.

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UPDATE SEP 21; – Unfortunately the Serow has died after six days at the hospital. Autopsy has found that the wounds were healing well and the infection was gone. The Serow however died of Capture Myopathy, a disease that occurs with many species of wildlife when captured from the wild. It is very hard to almost impossible to prevent or cure.

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