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Big Lake in Project 4 Gets Cleared

The lakes in our Project 4 elephant enclosures often become too overgrown with plants so we clear it on a monthly basis. In this particular case, we focused on the lake around a new gibbon island where a family of four endangered white handed gibbons were recently relocated. Because gibbons can’t swim and are thus afraid of water, the moat needs to remain clear to prevent them from attempting to tread on the dense aquatic foliage. For more on the gibbon story click here:

The elephant volunteers and staff lent our wildlife division a hand and were split into 3 groups: the ‘bold’ (people who jumped in the water, slipped on mud, and threw plants on the shore), the ‘tossers’ (they transferred plants from the shore into big baskets), and the ‘carriers’ (they hauled and emptied baskets around the fields). This is why volunteering is so interesting. There’s something to do for everyone! All are welcome as long as you are motivated, love team work, and are committed to helping animals. On this day, our newest rescue, Boon Dee, swung by to make sure that our hard work was up to her standards.
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