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Gibbon Family Moves To Their New Island Home in Project 4

Bam, an endangered white handed gibbon, first came to WFFT after being kept illegally as a pet in Bangkok. She is now 17 years old and gave birth to Bowie four years ago at WFFT as well as Stardust in February of this year. Bowie and Stardust were fathered by Dome, a 19 year old white handed gibbon, who was rescued in 2009 from Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. This week the whole family moved to a new island on project 4. This large wildlife haven now has 6 gibbon islands.

At the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre we have numerous gibbon islands which are designed to provide as naturalistic environment for the rehabilitation of rescued gibbons. Our enrichment team supplements the treetops with large barrels for shelter as well as  bamboo and ropes to create an elaborate jungle gym. For this particular island, elephant volunteers spent several days  clearing the moat of weeds and debris. Because gibbons are afraid of water and unable to swim, it is important that the moat remain clear so they do not mistakenly try to walk across.

Their diet is supplemented daily by the WFFT Wildlife Staff who go out to the islands using a small boat. Thus, gibbons live as freely as possible in a captive setting. The WFFT Vet Team goes out regularly to check the health of the gibbons. Take a look at this family of four in their new home!


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