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A bear rescue long overdue…

A bear moving out after almost 20 years!

UDPATE May 10th 2013. Nuru has had her second medical check up and a full dental treatment at WFFT and is doing fine. She is still a bit stressed from her new surroundings but we hope to have her out in the filed within the coming week.

Meet Nuru, an asiatic black bear that has lived almost 20 years at a small temple in Southern Thailand. This bear was taken as a cub from the jungle of the Thai-Burma border and kept as pet until she became to naughty, destroying furniture and was handed over to the abbot of a temple as a kind of merit-making. Nuru spend almost 20 years at this temple until her rescue yesterday afternoon.

It is very common in Thailand for wild animals to be kept as temples. Many wild animals are killed by poachers as the offspring of these endangered wild animals end up as “pets” with people at homes until they become hard to handle. As wildlife rescue centers are hard to find, temples are often seen as a place to take the animals, not just for dogs and cats but even for bears or other dangerous animals.

For Nuru rescue came late, but not too late, She has been taken to the WFFT wildlife rescue center where she will be going through medical check-ups, rehabilitation and re-socializing, hopeful soon meeting up her own kind to share a spacious enclosure as close to nature as possible.

Thanks to all people for the quick reaction sponsoring her rescue, we were able to rescue this beautiful Black Bear so rapidly because of you!

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