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6 Tigers found on Bangkok rooftop

Neighbor’s complaint on bad odor leads to wildlife bust

A man has been arrested and accused of illegally raising six tigers on top of an apartment building on Bangkok’s outskirts after neighbors complained to local police about bad smell coming down from the rooftop. A 28-year old person caring for the tigers was initially arrested at the apartment building, as the owner was not on site and seems now to be on the run from police.

The 6 tigers, 4 adults and 2 cubs were moved from the rooftop the next day, tuesday 11th of September to a government facility in Ratchaburi awaiting further investigations on where the tigers originated from and whether the owner was illegally trading wildlife or just keeping them as “pets”. We believe the owner nicknamed “Yo” has been delivering tiger carcasses and body parts such as genitals, bones and fangs to the border with Laos over the last few years, and that at least 2 more cubs are being kept hidden elsewhere.

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WFFT has complained about the tigers in this place in October 2011 without any action seen taken by authorities at that time.

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