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Endoscopic Sterilization and Release

We recently rescued and treated a half blind long-tailed macaque for ingesting insecticide. Because she came from a high-density macaque troop in an urban area, we also decided to perform endoscopic sterilization to contribute to population control. This endoscopic method is much less invasive and allows for a short recovery…

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Weekly Roundup (Nov 1 to 15, 2018)

These highlights include a gibbon who swallowed a nail, our latest elephant rescue befriending two other eles, a rescued macaque becoming a foster mother, peafowls having their flight feathers trimmed, a cute hedgehog, and juvenile macaques frolicking in their new pool. Enjoy!

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Yai, The Bear With A Sore Head

Recently, some swelling was found on the face of Yai, our Asiatic Black Bear. She was sedated and brought to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital to be examined and X-rayed. It was discovered that Yai had a fractured upper canine tooth that had become infected. This had caused a tooth root…

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