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Volunteer Profile: Ngaire from Australia

WFFT hosts vibrant volunteers from all over the world! Last week, we met Ngaire who brought some fresh ideas for enrichments which we gave our elephants, orangutans, and bears. Our volunteers took burlap sacks and stuffed them with honey glazed hay and bamboo segments filled with peanuts, pellets, and leaves.…

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Weekly Roundup (Oct 16 – 31, 2018)

These highlights include the emergency rescue of a gorgeous white-thighed langur, an injured pregnant macaque, the repair of a fractured turtle shell, elephant wound care, bears feasting on honeycombs, and silly hospital infants. Enjoy!

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Bear Enclosure Cleanup

We are eternally grateful to our many dedicated volunteers who help us keep WFFT running smoothly. Check out our volunteers clearing a large bear enclosure, usually home to 6 sun and 2 Asiatic black bears. Our enrichment team also set up a new hammock for them. We had a good…

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Yai, The Bear With A Sore Head

Recently, some swelling was found on the face of Yai, our Asiatic Black Bear. She was sedated and brought to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital to be examined and X-rayed. It was discovered that Yai had a fractured upper canine tooth that had become infected. This had caused a tooth root…

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Honey Bamboo!

The least we can say is that our bears are more than bearly gourmets ! Our Wildlife Staff and volunteers know this ! Each day, in addition to their regular food, they have enrichments, like all the rescued animals of the WFFT center. Here to stimulated them and encourage their…

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