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Mountain Lion

Rescued – A Pet Mountain Lion

"Jan" is a captive bred female mountain lion. Almost a decade ago she was imported into Thailand with many other mountain lions to be sold to zoos or to become a pet when she was only a cub.
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Slow Loris

Rescued – ‘ Tufa ’ Pet Slow Loris

Meet ‘Tufa‘ a male Bengal slow loris, a new resident at the Wildlife Friends Foundation. At one year old, Tufa was abandoned by his previous owner, but luckily good citizens had rescued and taken care of him ever since.
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Mickey the Bamboo Rat

Did you know that rat meat costs four times more than chicken or pork and twice that of beef in China? We rescued this elderly bamboo rat who had severe malocclusion and set up a trail camera to make sure he was recovering well after treatment. We were pleasantly surprised…

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