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The orangutans are almost home!!!


The time is almost here for 14 confiscated orangutans to finally be returned home to Indonesia. The animals have been held for almost 7 years after being confiscated from private zoos in southern Thailand. Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, founded by Edwin Wiek, have campaigned heavily, fighting for their repatriation and return home for many years. Wednesday will be an immense day for both the orangutans and the WFFT team who will be monitoring the orangutans throughout their journey. We are extremely happy to soon be waving them off to their homelands. Please see previous articles and press releases below. Updates will follow soon.

WFFT Press Release 27/8/15

Edwin Wiek – Special to The Nation 2/6/12

11 Orangutans rescued from private zoo
By The Nation. Published on 23/2/09

The orang-utans at the private zoo in Southern Thailand


Phuket Orangs (9)

Phuket Orangs (13)

Phuket orangutans1

Phuket orangutans2

Phuket orangutans6

At the DNP Centre waiting to go home





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