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Thai TV Gameshow – 50:50

All serious workers need to let their hair down once in a while and so it was with us that Edwin decided after an invite, we should appear on a Thai game show called “50:50”. The show should be airing on Channel 5 on October 18, 7pm, and while we…

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Sri Nuan’s Progress

After twelve days of illness, we are pleased to announce that Sri Nuan, one of our female pig-tailed macaques, is recovering her strength and progressing better than we had hoped for! Those who know her story will be very pleased to know that she is now able to feed herself,…

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Anna’s Story

Anna was a baby macaque who came to the rescue center on 29th June 2005 in a very poor state of health. Unfortunately, Anna was severely malnourished and this caused her head and hands to appear too large for her thin body. Anna began her life with owners in Bangkok,…

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White Cheeked Gibbon Rescued

The center has recently rescued Bong, a 14 year old white cheeked gibbon from Bangkok. Bong was solitary and had spent her life in  Bangkok. Although her owner was trying to take good care of her and obviously loved her, he felt that he should be handed over to the…

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Loris releases

Over the months of February till July of this year we received an unusual high number of pet Lorises from people, mostly from Bangkok. The keeping of a loris as pet is unfortunately still quite common although they are getting rarer in the wild due to the poaching, car accidents…

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Lopburi Monkeys need our help!

The Wildlife Friends of Thailand were contacted by a group of business people from Lopburi province, and the chief veterinarian of the now defunct Lopburi monkey hospital, with a cry for help for the macaques of Lopburi. A wild population of macaques now lives in the center of the city…

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Monkey Saved from Petchaburi Mountain

The centre was informed of a monkey living on Petchaburi Mountain. It became apparent that according to Petchaburi officials, the monkey had lived with a piece of wire around it’s neck for a year. Unfortunately, as this had not been reported and resolved earlier, the metal wire had begun to…

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Baby gibbon confiscated from the streets of Hua hin

We recently became aware of a group of men using wild animals including iguanas and a baby gibbon as photo animals to make money in the nearby resort of Hua Hin. Unfortunately the iguanas do not fall under the protection of Thai law as they are a non-native species. However…

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