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Elephant electrocuted at Kuiburi, Thailand

On Friday the 16th of December another wild bull elephant was killed at Kuiburi national park, near the WFFT wildlife rescue center. Farmers try to protect their farmland from wild elephants, however some of them use high voltage power lines instead of safe electrical fencing equipment. Again an elephant lost…

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Elephant Rescue – Hua Hin | December 2011

This elephant needs urgent rescue. Prachuab, an old female elephant that has been working at elephant camps carrying around tourists for the last 30 years needs your help! She is a very tall elephant that is way to skinny for her age and size, still at work every day at…

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They are now at peace

We have again got some sad news. Joan was found dead in her paddock this morning. This came as a shock to all of the staff and volunteers here at WFFT. Both Yuy and Joan were elderly elephants that spent most of their lives working. We were informed by the…

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See Puak the Elephant Rescued

Late last night, female elephant See Puak finally arrived at the WFFT Elephant Refuge & Education Centre, after a 12 hour drive from the elephant camp in Surin which she was rescued from. Thanks to funds raised through the generous donations of Joan Pearson and friends in Sydney, Australia, WFFT…

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June the elephant, a rescue too late?

Neglected and left to die Meet June, and don't be shocked... We found this elephant chained up under a small tree, left to die. WFFT received a phone call from Surin province that urgent help was needed for a older female elephant. We were told she was in a not…

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All Change For The Ellies!

Soy Thong It was all change for the elephants yesterday at the WFFT Elephant Refuge and Education Centre (EREC), as paddocks and enclosures were rotated and elephants were paired up with new friends! The WFFT vet team first had to slightly sedate the boisterous Khan Kluay before he could be…

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Elephants on the street, one elephant off !

After Edwin returned from the fundraiser in Sydney, Australia organized by Joan Pearson we had a problem. Besides the funds raised to buy a large piece of land for the elephants where they can roam around free of chains for 24 hours a day there were also funds raised to…

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Pai Lin, an elephant off the streets

We have a very large new resident at Wildlife Friends of Thailand. Pai Lin, an Asian elephant has come to live with us after spending many years on the city streets up country. She is around 45 years old and when she arrived she was in poor physical condition, underweight,…

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Wild Elephant Rescue Mission – Chantaburi

Again WFFT’s wildlife rescue team was informed by one of our volunteers in Chanthaburi province that a large male wild elephant was stuck in a mud pool for two days and could not get on his feet. Immediately our rescue team got on the way to see if they could…

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