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The Struggle Continues at WFFT…

With additional animals to care for including 4 recently rescued elephants, an otter, and numerous primates including Pang Pang the orphaned infant langur we are once again asking for your help. WFFT’s financial reserves are lower than ever before.

Without your support rescuing orphans like Pang Pang will no longer be possible. Numerous elephant owners are asking for us for help, as they can no longer afford to feed their animals. We are struggling to feed our own animals therefore each animal rescue is reviewed in-depth before we can commit to yet another financial outgoing. We are full to capacity and are currently only helping animals that are in urgent need of rescue.

Food donations are still desperately needed. If you are in Thailand and would like to donate foods for our animals please contact or call 0970241133.

Here is an idea of our current monthly running costs –

Animal Food – $20,000
Staff Salaries – $21,000
General Expenses – $10,000
Total – $51,000 USD

We are blown away by the kindness of the support so far ( You can sponsor your favourite animal at or make a donation at Any contribution to our cause is greatly appreciated.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the Thai volunteers we have welcomed over the last few months, they have helped continue to provide proper care to our 700+ rescued animals. With no sign of when the borders will open we once again call out to the people of Thailand and non-Thai residents, if you an spare a week or so, please come and help us. By Sunday this week we are back down to only 1 volunteer. Without a constant team of volunteers our staff are ran off their feet, email for more info.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have helped us get through these challenging times. Stay Safe.

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Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand needs your help! Connect with us and share our stories. If you are in Thailand find out how you can help. Come visit us and get involved.

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