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Coaly the Asian Koel Arrives

Meet ‘Coaly’ the Asian koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus malayana), he was brought into the Wildlife Friends Foundation Wildlife Thailand Rescue Centre last week after the lady that had ‘rescued’ him, as a very small chick had decided she could not provide him with proper care. After spending the first months of his very short life in a small unsuitable bird cage he has sustained various injuries to wing and tail feathers.

This member of the cuckoo family, as with many of the other Cuculiformes it is a brood parasite, it lays its eggs in other birds nests after removing the victims clutch of eggs from the nest, and convinces the other bird that it is incubating its own offspring when in reality it is not. After being with us for over a week he is recovering well, once he regains his strength and learns to fly we will release him back to the wild.

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