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Jungle Crow – Chao Guay

Meet ‘Chao Guay’ a jungle crow (Corvus macrorhynchos) that was brought into the WFFT Wildlife Hospital from another animal hospital in Bangkok. He was initially found in Bangkok by some concerned locals on the floor under a tree. They took him to a veterinary clinic and it was found that he had badly injured wing that could not be mended, so it was decided that amputating his wind was the best thing. The people that found him wanted to find a suitable permanent refuge for him so they brought him to us.
Chao Guay is currently in the WFFT Wildlife Hospital to allow us to assess his ability to get around with only one wing, so far he seems in high spirits, ‘jumping’ from perch to perch in his enclosure. These highly intelligent birds have been vilified throughout history but recent research is highlighting their high level of intellect, and are often referred to as some of the most intelligent animals on earth. We are hopeful that Chao Guay will join some other rescued birds in a large aviary very soon. We will keep you posted on his progress.
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