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Oompoom the Bear Undergoes Surgery

A few weeks ago the WFFT Vet Team noticed a swelling in the corner of the eye of one of our Malayan Sun Bears, Oompoon. He is 18 years old and has been at WFFT since 2004 when he was rescued from a fish market in Southern Thailand where he was kept as a pet, in a very small barren cage and fed an unsuitable diet.

Fortunately WFFT was hosting a veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Claudia Hartley, who was able to examine Oompoom and give advice. A course of medicine was advised and subsequently given. Unfortunately, this did not reduce the swelling which continued to grow. Dr. Claudia was again consulted and this time advised surgical removal.

This was rather a daunting prospect but with no other option the team decided to proceed. First they had to source some fine suture material which was kindly provided by the local university. With everything in place the vet team gave Oompoom an anaesthetic injection and removed the mass from his eye. While he was anaesthetised the vet team took the opportunity to clean his teeth, clip his nails and give him a general health check.

The mass has been sent to the laboratory for analysis and we keep our fingers crossed that it is nothing sinister. We will provide medicine till we get the results which fortunately Oompoom takes readily in his favourite treat: boiled eggs.


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