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Wild Piglet Arrives for Urgent Treatment

A young infant Eurasian wild pig (Sus scrofa) arrived at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre for urgent treatment after being found in the garden of a local resident only 4km away for our centre. The young female piglet is approximately 3 months old, she had been viciously attacked by a dog. She sustained numerous bite wounds from the attack, and a broken hip.

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species lists the Eurasian wild pig as Least Concern (LC). This species is abundant in many parts of its range, though populations can be depressed in places where hunting intensity is high such as Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. There are many threats at a local level, principally habitat destruction and hunting pressure, either for food, sport or in reprisal for crop damage, particularly in areas near human habitation. As with many native wild animals here in Thailand they not only come into conflict with humans but are also threatened by the domestic animal’s humans rear, such as feral dog attacks, and the cross breeding with domestic pigs.

We have named this little lady ‘Piglet’. She is currently recovering in the WFFT Wildlife Hospital under the care of our vet team and vet volunteers. We will keep you updated in her progress.

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