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Welcome to Pen Suk and Yu-Yen… and 6 unexpected others…!!!

On August the 14th 2017, 2 new additions were handed over to WFFT by their owners. We welcomed two domestic rabbits (Oryctolagus), a black buck (male) named Pen Suk, and a tortoiseshell doe named Yu-Yen. They were purchased as small babies one year ago, the owners had decided that they no longer want to keep them. They are not an endangered, or vulnerable species, however they needed our help. Purchasing a pet, wild or domestic, come big responsibility for the entirety of the animal’s life. For Pen Suk and Yu-Yen, a nice future that awaits them in the WFFT in a large field enclosure. And after almost a month here, we welcomed some unexpected editions, 6 kits, baby rabbits. Pen Suk the buck was been neutered shortly after arrival to avoid this kind of situation, it seems Yu-Yen was already pregnant when she arrived. Once the kits are old enough they will also be de-sexed, to avoid an unwanted over population of rabbits.

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