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URGENT APPEAL – Funds are Running Low at WFFT

The international outbreak of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus is now in its third month and is seriously showing effects at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre and Elephant Refuge.

Our main sources of funding come from our wonderful volunteers, the day visitors and lodge guests. As tourism numbers have been plummeting in Thailand as do the number of people coming to WFFT to help. Our funds are drastically decreasing as are our volunteer numbers also resulting in a smaller workforce to take care of all the rescued wildlife.

Due to lack of funds we will have to reduce the number of local staff we employ. Twinned with the lack of volunteers, the running of the rescue centre and the level of care given to our animals will also have to change, if we find no alternative sources of income.

Here is an idea of our monthly running costs –

$76,000.00 USD Approx. total expenses

Animal Food – $26,000.00 USD (700 hundred non-human mouths to feed)

Staff Salaries – $34,000.00 (104 local staff salaries)

General Expenses – $16,000.00 (Maintenance, medication and drugs, utility bills, etc.)

Until three months ago we were able to sustain ourselves and even work on new projects, but right now and for the foreseeable future we can’t even make ends meet.

We earlier had to make the unwelcome decision to close down the People and Animals Thailand Clinic (our spay and neuter clinic for spay dogs and cats) due to lack of funds and/or sponsors and we are now terrified of what may come. The situation will probably only get worse in the coming months.

Please Help Us to Help Animals and continue of vital work by visiting, volunteers or donating at


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