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The WFFT Wildlife Hospital provides veterinary treatment to local community

One of the key values of the wildlife hospital at WFFT is to provide care for those who simply can’t afford it normally and to give awareness and education about all the work we do here. Being part of the local community is a huge responsibility.
As you maybe already know, the WFFT Hospital this month became part of the first wildlife rescue center in Thailand to be equipped with its own digital X-ray suite.
Most of the locals who bring their domestic animals for treatment can’t afford to pay expensive vet fees and there is no way we can charge them enough to cover the costs of the equipment use. We see many animals who have been hit by vehicles and suffer fractures. Previously we have had to send them to local practices, at a cost too high for most pet owners.
This week an unfortunate sheep has been brought in for treatment with a terrible fractured front leg. She was unable to put weight on it. Thanks to our vets expertise and the X-ray it appeared that bones were clearly fractured on several places. Under the worried eyes of her owner, the WFFT Vet team provided the needed care for the poor animal. Soon she should be able to walk again!

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