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Some gibbons, bears and more need your urgent help! Thonburi Snake Farm Bangkok

We need your urgent help for a big rescue!


WFFT has been approached to help rescue animals from a closing ZOO. We need your help to raise enough money to sponsor this rescue & build new enclosures. We are hoping to give a better life to 8 gibbons, 2 Black Bears, a Capuchin monkey, a Stump-tailed Macaque, several reptiles and a big Salt Water Crocodile.

If we are not able to rescue these animals soon, they will end up either neglected or in the illegal wildlife trade. Some of the animals are in a bad shape; highly overweight due to bad diet and no chance of movement, one of the gibbons has severe brain damage. We can provide the special care they need and give them spacious enclosures for the first time in their life.

Please go to our donate page on this site and help us today either via Paypal or one of our bank accounts. For the rescue only we already need at least USD 9,000; if we don’t raise enough money within a week we might not be able to rescue all of them! Thank you in advance for your support!

All photo’s are at location of the zoo.

TO HELP THESE ANIMALS CLICK HERE (opens in new window)

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