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Her only source of comfort was a plastic doll…

Some of you may have followed the rescue of Maruay on our Facebook page two weeks ago. Here are some photos from the rescue and an update on how she is doing.
Maruay had spent 22 years chained up outside the house of her owner after she was taken in as an orphan when she was a young infant. The neighbour of the owner had killed her family to eat them and brought the baby home, she was then ‘rescued’ and kept as a pet.
Her owner loved her dearly but had finally decided that a new more suitable home with other monkeys would be better for her. The owner’s wife had sadly passed away just a few weeks before the rescue. We were alerted to her plight by the team at Our Land in Kanchanaburi .Thank you to Vijo and co. for their help with rescuing Maruay.
Maruay has been with us for 2 weeks now, she is undergoing a quarantine period at the WFFT Wildlife Hospital along with her two dolls. These dolls have been her only source of comfort over the years and she is very upset if separated from them. Imagine having no other friends, no other monkeys to socialize with, and some plastic dolls as a replacement. Luckily here at WFFT we have some other elderly monkeys which we hope to introduce her to in the not to distant future.
Help Us Help More like her by sponsoring Maruay or another WFFT Resident at
Providing world-class care to Maruay and the 700+ rescued animals at WFFT does not come cheap. We are still seeking funds to allow us to continue our valuable work. Please consider donating at
Thank you to all those who have supported us through these difficult times so far.

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