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Cola the bear sees the dentist!

Cola bear sees the dentist!

Cola is a Malayan sunbear rescued from Kao Sukim Temple in Chanthaburi (see Animal Planet’s “Lyndal’s Lifeline” ) early 2005. Cola was rescued with 2 other bears and 12 monkeys after spending 8 years at the temple in a concrete pit. Pepsi, Sprite and Cola had lots of fights in the very small enclosure and once rescued and taken to WFFT had a much larger field to share, which made the stress a lot less. They never stopped having a brawl, especially before feeding time. Last year Sprite passed away, suffering from diabetes and old age. The two bears left over went on as usual however we did see a behavior change of Cola lately, which gave us the idea something might be wrong with his teeth. It was found he need urgent care, which was given today with the help of Dr Tuu from Bangkok, a highly respected veterinary doctor who supports the work of WFFT for a long time already.

Thank you Dr Tuu!

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