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First 5 tigers have been removed from the tiger temple by Thai authorities overnight. The expoitation, illegal trade and torture is going to stop.
ADDED 5 hours after our first post: An organisation in Australia is claiming we breached a “media blackout” by posting a tweet this morning on the fate of the tigers. On behalf of our founder Edwin Wiek we wish to make it very clear that there is absolutely no media black out or deal to keep this news from the public at all. Authorities have informed us AND local Thai media with this latest news and have not asked to refrain from publishing it, as if this could be kept secret anyhow. The next moves of exploited and tortured tigers from the tiger temple will take plays in the days and weeks to come, but media will not be informed in advance to make sure authorities can work without being slowed down by large number of reporters or hired thugs who would like to stir up trouble in front of the cameras.

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