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A Great Big Thank you to Patana School!!!

WFFT would like to thank Patana School, Bangkok for the continued support of our work. This year we have received a wonderful donation, after students from Patana organised fund raising and awareness raising events.

A statement from the group of budding wildlife conservationists at Patana School,

“We are a group of students who have come together with the interest of saving and helping wildlife. We also wanted to help communicate this message throughout the student population in Bangkok Patana School because it is a growing problem. One of our most memorable projects is when we created a cage where students could enter to experience the harsh environments that some animals are forced to live in. Our main fundraising event was our annual “Candy Cane Gram”, where students sent candy canes to one another. Each of the candy canes were labelled with a interesting animal fact; educating students about the declining wildlife population. We are very honoured to make our contributions to your organisation and are very excited to see the progress taking place.”

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