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Volunteer Profile: Ngaire from Australia

WFFT hosts vibrant volunteers from all over the world! Last week, we met Ngaire who brought some fresh ideas for enrichments which we gave our elephants, orangutans, and bears.

Our volunteers took burlap sacks and stuffed them with honey glazed hay and bamboo segments filled with peanuts, pellets, and leaves. The sacks were stuffed halfway and then sewn down the middle with the empty half flipped over the stuffed half, essentially double bagging the treats inside.

Maggie and Chico’s sacks were similar but sewn up in 5 layers! This multilayering made the sacks even more durable, thus prolonging our orangutans’ engagement and playtime. The diverse treats inside these sacks offered a range of textures, smells, and tastes to spark curiosity and give our animals a dynamic experience.

Our bears were given large branches with holes filled with peanut butter and jam. This kept them ecstatically busy for 2 hours.

Thank you, Ngaire, for sharing these ideas with us. We hope to see you again soon!

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