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The beginning of the End….

Today was the first day of the official confiscations of all the tigers from the Tiger Temple Thailand. After years and years of fighting for justice the time has finally come. Thailand’s DNP, the Kanchanaburi Provincial Police, the Thai armed forces and, WFFT and other Thai NGO’s were there to ensure that the commencement of this big operation was possible. After a morning of discussions, and the issuing of a search warrant we were able to enter mid afternoon. The irresponsible Tiger Temple staff removed the chains of 12 tigers in the canyon area were they are restrained and used as photo props for tourists, this made it difficult for the team to capture the tigers safely. A total of 6 tiger were captured and are on their way to a government rescue centre, where they will be no longer used as money making tools to make an already rich corrupt establishment even richer. We commend the authorities for making this possible, the Tiger Temple will no longer be free to use and abuse these tigers. Expect more news throughout the week. We will keep you updated.

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