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Meow treatment Nov 2011, not ready to give up yet

I already told my friends that I was really worried about Meow the tiger who has been struggling for the last few months.

After treatment with some painkillers in the last week Meow actually went down even more down hill and we expected that we had to euthanise him soon. As Meows treatment has now been changed a bit he seems to respond a little bit (just a bit) better and we decided today to see how Meow would do in the water, if he could stand with help or on his own a bit or not. It was the first try since weeks and I am very happy that he was indeed able to stand on his own for almost 20 minutes after his muscles were massaged for a while.

I am not saying we are on the way to recovery, but today was a small step forward. If we can see some more improvements in the next few days and Meow shows no signs of pain we will keep on going.

I for myself keep my fingers crossed.


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