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WFFT Gibbon Rehabilitation Islands

At the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre we have 8 gibbons rehabilitation islands in the large lake in front of the rescue centre. These rehabilitation islands were created to aid with the rehabilitation of the gibbons rescued by WFFT, far from human interference. Their diet is supplemented daily by the WFFT…

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Happy International Gibbon Day!!

Happy International Gibbon Day!! WFFT is working to save these little apes from exploitation and extinction. #InternationalGibbonDay. Last week a very special gibbon pair got a new home. 'Dao' (Star) is a female Pileated gibbon (Hylobates pileatus) who is 7 years old and who was rescued when she was 7…

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Aping around with Maggie and Chico

We recently created a new rope bridge for the WFFT’s resident orangutans, Maggie and Chico, this corridor allows them to cross over a small road next the the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre directly into the trees within the forest area where they are taken each day. Maggie used the rope…

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