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BREAKING NEWS – 65 Lives Saved

This morning the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Team headed out to a building site where a pond full of endangered turtles had been filled in just days before. Most of the turtles had been taken out of the pond and temporarily stored in a toilet and a refrigerator. We answered the call for help these poor souls would have perished if we were unable to help.

The pond was located in Phechaburi city centre on a private piece of land. Some of the turtles had called this pond home for decades, as surrounding area was developed for housing the pond become isolated from any other water way.

A total of 65 individuals were rescued a mix of Black marsh turtle (Siebenrockiella crassicollis) and Giant Asian pond turtles (Heosemys grandis). As with all Asian turtle species they threatened in the wild.

Most of the turtles appear to be in good health. The digger that was filling in the pond with soil hit one of them and badly damaged its shell. They will be kept at WFFT for a few weeks to access their health and regain some strength. Once they have been given the all clear, and we get some rain, they will be released into a protected area, far from human interference or harm.

We are still struggling with funds to care for all the other animals living at WFFT. Help Us Help Them by donating at or Why not adopt one or more of our animals? See here

Without the kind support of you we will no longer be able to help such animals.

We will keep you posted on their journey back to the wild.

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