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Rescue of spectacled langur baby

DSC_0230The WFFT mobile wildlife rescue team was again contacted over the last weekend to help out a few unfortunate wild animals. The first victim of the illegal wildlife trade and hunt this weekend was “Piak” a very young spectacled langur baby. Piak has been living in the jungles of Ranong province until only a few weeks ago when his mother was shot and killed to end up as dinner. The poacher said he did not realize the mother was carrying a baby when he killed her. Unfortunately this is ver common still in Thailand.

Luckily this time a foreign man living nearby was told about the little guy and he stepped in to rescue Piak, caring for him, while trying to find a rescue group for the unfortunate monkey. After contacting WFFT our team set off the next morning for a 900 km trip to get Piak and help him out.

Piak has arrived at the center last night and is under intensive care of our veterinary team, Piak is very weak, we will do all we can to get him strong and healthy again.









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