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Portrait: Bandit. The Cute Fierce Little Critter!!!

In September 2005, a 10-month old female long-tailed macaque who was living on Khao Wang Mountain (otherwise known as Monkey Mountain) in Phetchaburi was rescued. The poor infant was suffering of congenital deformities – she was born without any legs, only one arm and a stump for her other arm.

It is common for female long-tailed macaques to reject their young at approximately 10 months of age, to stop them from suckling and encourage them to start fending for themselves. Bandit, without continued support and care, would not survive (see her full story here:

Since her rescue she has been living a happy life at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre. She is now 13 years old regarding her small size and her nature, she loves her ‘regular’ monkey friends, good food, and endless enrichments. She shares her home with 11 other macaques, all of which are younger than her and have been taught a lot about monkey societies by the very special Bandit.

What a joy for all the staff and volunteers to see her take life in her stride, have a social life and take a great revenge on life!

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