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Lopburi Monkeys need our help!

The Wildlife Friends of Thailand were contacted by a group of business people from Lopburi province, and the chief veterinarian of the now defunct Lopburi monkey hospital, with a cry for help for the macaques of Lopburi.

A wild population of macaques now lives in the center of the city without any food resources. The monkeys have depended on the food handed out by visitors and local people for many years, and their number has increased to such an extent that the groups have fractured.  Some of these smaller groups are now living permanently in the smaller streets and on the roofs away from the ancient sites. Edwin has been to Lopburi on a fact finding mission and has agreed with the monkey doctor and a group of local people to set up a project to feed and treat the troops that are now to be found all over the city streets.

Most of the monkeys living on the streets have severe skin problems that will need to be treated. The monkeys are similarly feeding on the residues in the exhaust pipes of cars and will eat anything to quench their appetite – even paper. Within a few months the Wildlife Friends will have the “Lopburi Monkey Feed and Treat Project” running.

If you would like to help please contact or Edwin at 090600906 or

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