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Loris releases

Over the months of February till July of this year we received an unusual high number of pet Lorises from people, mostly from Bangkok. The keeping of a loris as pet is unfortunately still quite common although they are getting rarer in the wild due to the poaching, car accidents and habitat loss. The fact that they are a protected species by law is not making much difference due to the lack of enforcement by some of the authorities, on the Bangkok Weekend “Chatuchak” market you can easily obtain a loris for a bit less than 70 US dollars.

Thanks to a few programs on Thai television that were about the work of the rescue center a lot of people learned of our work and kindly handed over their pet lorises to the center where they get a medical check up and are rehabilitated to go back to the wild after a rehab period.

We are very happy to see signs of a successful release program, the released lorises are frequently seen at night wondering in the protected forest area surrounding our center.

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