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Have a quick aerial view of Project 4 Gibbon Islands (drone footage)

Project 4, as well as shaping up to be a new promised land for rescued elephants, is also part of the Gibbons Rehabilitation Programs with its different islands.

These islands were created to aid with the rehabilitation of the gibbons rescued by WFFT, far from human interference. Their diet is supplemented daily by the WFFT Wildlife Staff who go out to the islands using a small boat. Thus, gibbons live as free as possible in a captive setting. Each week the WFFT Vet Team goes out to check the health of the gibbons .

In perfect harmony all our rescued animals and the local fauna enjoy their time. For the gibbons, swinging, jumping, climbing or just resting admiring the view are pretty much the best ways to enjoy life. Witness and savour some of those moments, like never before, thanks to this drone footage.

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