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Happy International Orangutan Day 2022!

Happy International Orangutan Day 2022.

From a terrified and exploited infant, to a majestic male swinging from the tree tops, Chico has come so far since his rescue from the illegal pet trade!

Orangutan’s share 97% of their DNA with humans. They are so intelligent – they do NOT belong in cages, in homes as pets or exploited in animal entertainment shows. In Thailand, there are a heartbreaking number of orangutans living in barren cages, and the babies are often ripped away from their mothers to be used as photo props. Others are ‘trained’ to ride zip wires, perform in boxing matches, and be humiliated and degraded in numerous ways all for the sake of a human laugh or two. Every ticket bought pays for a lifetime of cruelty and suffering.

You can help orangutans by NEVER visiting such venues. Instead, support sanctuaries like WFFT. Unlike these places, we provide Chico with a huge forested enclosure where he can live in peace and have a wonderfully enriched life. Join us today and help work towards a better, cruelty-free world for orangutans, and all wildlife. Please share or make a donation for amazing, Chico. 70 Euros can feed Chico for one month! 

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Chico Orangutan
Chico Orangutan
Chico Orangutan
Chico Orangutan

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