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Another electrocution victim….

Yesterday we received a call about a critically injured Bengal slow loris (Nycticebus bengalensis). The WFFT Wildlife Rescue Team rushed to the aid of this injured animal that had been found by some concerned local people, unable to move near a busy road. After being electrocuted by exposed power lines he had fallen to the ground. He was rushed directly to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital for urgent care. Having endured horrific burns to each of his feet, hands and limbs, the injuries were to severve to save this little soul. Sadly this happens all to often in Thailand, exposed electricity cables throughout the country severely injure and kill 1000’s of wild animals every year. Rest in peace little one.

Loris rescue Electrocute 261215 802

Loris rescue Electrocute 261215 815

Loris rescue Electrocute 261215 818

Loris rescue Electrocute 261215 820

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